About us

La Piccola Boutique: two women, fashion industry, a suitcase, Italy, America and a dream!

La Piccola Boutique is born of two Italian women’s passion and love for fashion, two friends who have decided to invest energy and dedication in a project of research and creativity.

But, who really are we?

Antonella Santoro, 20 years of experience in the fashion field, at the head of a well know french fashion company, together with Mariafrancesca Nicodemi passionate shoes buyer and fashion victim with no cure!!

How our adventure begins:

Together in 2017 we created our little american company, with the intent to make famous made in italy’s excellence in the usa in Florida.

We are just born e only after few month of activity we already attend catwalks and fashion events! So, what are we doing?

I, Mariafrancesca, research products’ quality. Looking for new young and gritty companies made in Italy.

I, Antonella, study the market in Florida, looking for young fashion designer from usa and ll over the world, trying to understand current fashion, what and why a woman should choose our style.

Where are we?

We sell online and we are itinerant in florida and soon we going to open a showroom in Miami.

What are we proposing?


All of our companies are italians and the products are made in our Bel Paese, we look for fresh and light fabrics, our style is inspired by a modern gritty woman always fashionable, who feels comfortable  from the morning at work to the evening cocktail, we dress all the women!


Paths of life are quite hard sometime and in  order to walk them we need wonderful and comfortable shoes! Only made in italy, high quality, fashionable products, but mostly comfortable, shoes are not made to make us suffer.


Mariafrancesca :
”My mother always tells me ‘An accessory can change your life’ in this case can change your outfit!” We serve ourselves from little local artisans who realize lovely bijoux to complete our outfits.


We like a lot made in italy of course, but we like looking over borders and we said to our selves. why don’t we attach importance to other countries? We found out a venezuelan company who produce fabulous swimsuits! Come to see!